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The latest Procreate update brings a plethora of exciting features that will revolutionize your digital art experience. Here's a rundown of the key changes:

  • Introducing the all-new Brush Library, with a wide range of customizable brushes to suit every artistic style.
  • Enhanced layer management options, allowing you to easily organize and navigate through your artwork.
  • Improved performance and speed, ensuring a smoother and more responsive drawing experience.
  • Intuitive gesture controls for seamless zooming, panning, and rotating of your canvas.
  • Advanced color adjustments, including hue, saturation, and brightness controls, giving you more control over your artwork's palette.
  • Smart selection tools that make it easier than ever to precisely select and manipulate specific elements within your artwork.
  • Streamlined export options, allowing you to effortlessly share your creations with the world.

With these exciting updates, Procreate continues to push the boundaries of digital art creation, empowering artists to unleash their creativity like never before.